God's are like leeches; they attach themselves and never let go.
Yellow Suit Publishing

Meet Fantasy Author Chad Michael Cox

Chad Michael Cox is the author of God of Another World: The Adow. His award winning fiction and freelance work has appeared in numerous publications since graduating from the writing program at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Most recently, he was selected as the featured author for the 2014 Modern Dickens Project - his short story, Defining Darrell, served as both project title and anchor story for this unique community written novel. He is also the founder of Yellow Suit Publishing which focuses on story as art form, and is the General Manager for Hillyard, a manufacturer and distributor of cleaning chemicals. In his spare time, Chad serves as 2013-2014 Chairman of the Board for Des Moines Social Club, an organization that uses arts as a catalyst to create unprecedented community engagement. He spent his youth at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and now lives in Iowa with his wife and three children.

Introducing our latest title: God of Another World: The Adow

by Chad Michael Cox