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Submission Guidelines:

Yellow Suit Publishing accepts submissions year round. Prior to submitting any portion of your manuscript, however, we want to get to know you as an author, and we want to understand your artistic vision for this project. This will generate dialogue between publisher and author, and we've discovered dialogue is an essential part of relationship building. Don't try to read our mind, though, and don't assume we are looking for a specific answer. Instead, take a moment to say, "Hello, my name is _______ and I have this amazing project!" Oh, and breathe. Remind yourself you aren't perfect-and neither are we-but together we have the opportunity to create something inspiring.

We promise to respond to every submission query. We will also help you improve as an author by providing feedback. Should Yellow Suit Publishing decide to pursue this relationship further, we will guide you through the rest of the submission process. Regardless of our decision, nothing will happen until you take the first step, so we salute your courage as an author and look forward to reading your responses to the questions below.

Click on the submissions button above, then cut and paste these questions, along with your responses, into the body of your email: (Do not send any attachments.)

  1. What is your legal name and pseudonym, if applicable?
  2. What is the working name and word count of your manuscript?
  3. How did the writing of this manuscript impact your personal journey?
  4. Describe the need you see within your community that inspired you to write this manuscript?
  5. What is your overarching artistic vision? How will your manuscript, and the resulting publication, enhance this vision?