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Shovel and a prayer

Todd Partridge

A selection of poetry written by Todd Partridge. Shovel and a Prayer explores themes of Movement, Encroachment, and Sentient with an obvious passion for nature, life, and love. The reader can hear the sound of a froggy chorus in twilight repose even as Partridge laments how few remain. This collection draws deeply from the author's Iowa roots and dwells in the space between land and spirit.

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God of Another World: The Adow 

Chad Michael Cox

The Adow have reigned since the beginning of time-each ruler serving as anointed orator of the Sphere. Her authority is unquestioned. Armies follow her into battle and scholars record every prophecy she speaks. When a new Adow inherits the throne, however, the prophecies turn to lies and her warriors rally around a false prophecy, forcing her to lead them on a quest into the land of Morlac, god of another world.

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rumble & flash

Chad Allen Elliott

Readers will find accessible imagery within Elliott’s poems, and an unyielding, rugged honesty as he explores the raw emotions of past scars and open wounds. Filled with nature and spiritual references, each section includes an illustration, produced by Elliott, which highlights the associated theme subtly woven into the collection of poems that follows.

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The Nitch 

Satyrus Jeering

In this illustrated puzzle adventure, Satyrus Jeering recounts his tale of The Nitch, a mythical creature in possession of the key to individual purpose. The Nitch is guarded by four curious counterparts; The Itch, The Twitch, The Snitch and The Glitch, all of whom guard the clues to solving a riddle that leads to The Nitch. $18.95       Buy Now on Amazon          Buy Now at Independent Bookstore

one moment of a single day: essays 

Tracey L. Kelley and Lynne A. Kasey

This collection combines Kasey's photographic artistry of capturing a moment in time with the self-discipline required by Kelley to fully embrace and record a moment shared with another human being. Note: Yellow Suit Publishing provided Design and Editing Services for this title. Not available under the Yellow Suit imprint.

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