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The Nitch

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God of Another World: The Adow

Mass Paperback


expanded vision

books which serve as the focal point of the author's much larger and artistic, or otherwise unique, vision designed to engage the broader or local community

Why We Publish

restoring balance 

crafted story

story as art form requiring creativity, dedication & skill

A squirrel may walk atop power lines without risk, but if it dares to dig into the line with its teeth the resulting pop will send it soaring. Similarly, traditional publishing houses continue to produce template fiction, walking atop the world without fear, duplicating formulas a hundred times over. On the other hand, the self-publishing industry has a well-earned reputation for producing rubbish, leaving nothing behind but a sizzling chunk of fur and the outline of a missing body. The reader is left to choose between a book they already know and a plot they can't seem to find.

Yellow Suit Publishing seeks to restore balance to the literary universe. We are a small, independent publishing house willing to invest in the storytelling process. Great art demands every ounce of energy from the individual or team producing the art, and from our perspective, the publication of a book is a fine art. It requires the skill to walk the high wire, and the wisdom to avoid foolish mistakes. Rather than simply walk across to the other side, however, Yellow Suit Publishing performs daring feats and acts of wonder. We want our readers to cheer with anticipation, move forward in their seats with a gasp, and finally applaud at the marvel they witnessed.

In so doing, we hope to create a...

Every legacy begins with a story, and the best stories linger. They echo in our thoughts and inform our decisions. They provide perspective and assist in communication. Stories engage our whole person in a way no other art medium can attest. Beyond just the moment, a good story impacts lives a hundred times over and across several generations. Yes, the hero may walk off into a yellow sunset, but their shadow lingers. Yellow Suit Publishing seeks to build such a legacy within the fine art of storytelling.

Literary Artists

‚Äčartists & design thinkers using books & storytelling as their art medium
God of Another World: The Adow

lingering legacy